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How We Got Here

Funky Flamingo was started back in 2016 when I was a stay at home mom and after giving lots of hand made gifts to friends and family they convince me to open my own little boutique.  Over the years not only have we grown with our customer base but also in the products we make.  

Recently my oldest child has begun to help me, he's doing wood work and his work is beautiful!  

Funky What?!

Hi! I'm Ashley, the girl behind Funky Flamingo.  Funky Flamingo wasn't always a business, I originally began creating to help me heal after the death of my parents.  I had a baby and felt the pain of their absence so much that I needed an outlet, a way to heal.  I began making shirts for my daughter's preschool and wine glasses for friends as gifts and it just grew and grew and GREW.  I went from working at my kitchen table to working in my own she-shed workshop (thanks to my awesome hubby)!  

I want to thank everyone who has trusted me through the years to make special personalized gifts for their big life moments!

Name, Title

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